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Jeep Wrangler JK

The latest and greatest version of the unstoppable Jeep. In 2007 Chrysler introduced the new JK, a much larger version of the TJ which it replaced. The new JK had larger wheels (up to 32 inches!), big beefy fender flares, and a great four door version.

The new JK Wrangler is a great platform to build your ultimate offroad rig from. All you need to finish it off would be a lift, some nice fender flares, and some tow equipment.

Jeep Wrangler TJ

With the TJ Wrangler, Chrysler decided to return to it's round headlight roots, while giving the Jeep a much needed upgrade to a coil spring suspension. The Jeep TJ kept the reliable 4.0L engine, but got a tweeked body design.

With the addition of some rock sliders and new bumpers there should be no stopping this versatile offroad champion! Once you get where you're going, you may want a new top to keep your Jeep looking great!

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Jeep Wrangler YJ

The YJ was the next logical step from the CJ, combining legendary offroad abilities with a slightly more plush interior. You could still clean your Jeep with a garden hose, but had the option of air conditioning to get you to and from work.
The leaf spring suspension made it easy to add a new lift kit, and the upgraded hard top kept old man winter at bay.

Jeep CJ

The one that started it all. After the war thousands of military men had to have the go-devil workhorse that had saved their butts so many times, and the CJ was the answer. With it's spartan interior, tons of torque, and rugged attitude it was a man's vehicle.

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